Fire Tables – Hand-picked for the Best Selection

Posted on October 28, 2016 · Posted in Fire Tables and Pits, Outdoor Living

How to Find the Right Fire Table

Green Acres Nursery & Supply has offered fire tables for nearly five years, and over those years we’ve learned what customers want when it comes to fire tables…a beautiful and durable fire table for ambiance or one that puts out some heat. Simple enough, right?

Two Considerations: Material and Heat Level
Consider two things when choosing your fire table: 1) choose a durable material, and 2) do you want a fire table for ambiance and/or for heat? There are many styles to choose from, so how do you know when you are getting a good deal?

Fire tables offer an invitation to spend some cozy time outside, allowing you to use your outdoor room even in the fall and winter. Since they are exposed to the elements, and can be close to an enormous amount of heat, it’s important to choose a table made of a durable material to weather the outdoor conditions. Avoid those made from stainless steel or “fire retardant inorganic material.” Don’t forget that stainless steel rusts in condensation, and who knows what “fire retardant inorganic material” is? Trust natural stones and aluminum, neither of which is subject to rusting or quick deterioration.   

You want your fire table to do its job. Translation…you turn it on and you want it to create a cozy environment and/or keep you and your guests warm. Many units put out 24,000-90,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs, or the amount of heat that is transmitted). So we’ve selected fire tables that offer more a variety of BTUs to provide you with an inviting gathering place, and, if you want it, the warmth you might find at your favorite hotel or restaurant.

Built to Last
All of our fire tables are made of stone, aluminum, or solid cast aluminum for both interest and durability. And they last. With warranties up to 15 years on frames and finishes, the quality doesn’t disappoint. We offer brand names that have been in the business for over 70 years; brands like Tropitone, Patio Renaissance, and Castelle blend both quality and style that you’ll love.

Wrap Yourself in Warmth
Not only are they long lasting, but some are hot! Meaning they peak at 90,000 BTU’s. That is nearly twice the amount of heat as our competition, making them a better fit for those who really want warmth. Most of our fire pits and fire tables come with the option to convert from propane to natural gas.

Customize to Fit Your Style
The fun part about our fire tables is that they are customizable in many ways. Table tops come in several different colors to compliment the look or style of your existing furniture. All fire tables come with a lid & your choice of glass. The addition of a lid covers the glass and makes for a complete table when not in use as a fire pit. You can play around with styles to coordinate with your existing furniture plus choose fire pebbles, crushed glass & more for the finishing touch.