5 Tips for Furnishing and Designing an Outdoor Living Space

Posted on March 5, 2015 · Posted in Uncategorized

We take the time to decorate our indoor spaces, so why not do the same for our outdoor living areas? Whether you’ll use it for relaxation, entertaining or as a garden escape, let our 5 quick tips help you make it an outdoor space all your own.

  1. Define the space

    Your outdoor space should fit your life, not the other way around. Do you have kids, grandkids or pets? Do you enjoy outdoor entertaining? Once you decide what you will do in the space, the next step is to define the parameters. How much of your space do you want to use for dining, outdoor games, etc.? Use hardscape and natural barriers like plants and trees to define your space and give the area a defined feel.

  2. Let in the Light

    We sit inside for hours each day, so why not take advantage of as much natural light as possible in your outdoor living space? Sit outside at various time of the day and take note of the natural sunlight. Notice where the sunlight is best in the evening and dedicate that space to your dining area. Once you’ve maximized your use of natural light, add lighting to enhance the space.  Jamie Durie, HGTV’s design star, recommends using lighting for two reasons: task and mood.  To address the task need, start by lighting the boundaries of your space including paths and walkways.  Next, use lighting to create mood by “painting” with light.  Illuminate trees and structures in your garden. You will be amazed at how much this enhances the beauty, texture, and enjoyment of the space.

  3. Lounging or Dining?

    Next up: furniture. The choices can be endless, so start by choosing furniture that fits your lifestyle.  If you entertain frequently, consider a dining set.  If you spend more time relaxing than serving, a deep seating set may be for you.  With outdoor furniture, it’s important to be sure that it is made of high quality materials.  Remember that the set will be outdoors in the summer heat, sun, rain and frost.  Purchasing a set made of top quality aluminum, teak or wicker will be worth it down the road.  For cushioned sets, make sure it’s made of Sunbrella fabric, the best all-weather fabric on the market.

  4. Extend the Season

    Furnish your space to be comfortable in all four seasons. There are beautiful shade options for the summer. Simple 9’ tilt umbrellas can cover your dining area, or a large Cantilever umbrella make a comfortable cabana by the pool in the heat.  The simple addition of a gas fire pit is the perfect furnishing that allows you comfortable dining in the late fall or early spring months.

  5. Accessorize

    Nowadays there are a variety of options for outdoor décor. Outdoor cushions, rugs and curtains add beautiful pops of color and pull the space together.  Other design ideas include outdoor wall paper, tile and colored glass. There are even outdoor paints that oxidize over time for a chic natural look.  Basically whatever your style, there are products to help you achieve your outdoor room theme.

We hope these ideas were inspirational and give you a starting point on designing and furnishing a beautiful outdoor room.  Green Acres Nursery & Supply is your source in Sacramento for plants, pottery and in stock and custom outdoor furniture 365 days a year.